10 May Umbrellas on! What to do in Le Marche if it rains – ANCONA PROVINCE AREA

picus-post-icon-towns    If  “singing in the rain” is not the kind of vacation you though of, but you just have to survive (and possibly enjoy!) even a bad weather day, especially on holiday, we can help you find your ideal “rainy-day-itinerary” in Le Marche!

The “outside” is amazing…but also the “inside” could leave you pretty breathless! And there is enough to suit all tastes: art, adventure, religion, food…sometimes is worth hoping also for an umbrella-day!

Here our 4 ideas that got you covered at least for a half day of you are in Ancona province area:

1.Frasassi caves and “Abbazia di San Vittore

Frasassi caves, near Genga (Ancona province) are an amazing example of a water-created underworld!

Enter the white rooms, on a path among huge and tiny stalactites and stalagmites showing up from dark corners is a unique experience. And is rare to see a so extended phenomenon that here covers at least 30 km on 8 different geological levels.


You can also choose among free differents itineraries. For more info visit

When you finish your visit, go to near romanic abbey of S. Vittore. A tiny but so cute place just on the way back from the caves!



2.Osimo caves and Cathedral

A city built on a system of tuff galleries and caves, with undisclosed templar misteries. Osimo (Ancona province) is a fascinating town, with Medieval and Roman past which had left here lots of treasures: churches, squares, fountains. A rainy day is a perfect excuse to visit the caves’ maze running under the city centre with one of the guided tours and discover its story and misteries.


Moreover, since you are in town, go for a visit to the S. Leopardo cathedral: a romanic white church, full of alchemic symbols. Read this fascinating story here: The Philippus code 


3.Loreto sanctuary and its fortify walls

A part from the fact that Loreto Sanctuary (Ancona province) is one of the most important in the whole world, it is a well known destination for catholic pilgrims, so it deserves at least a half day visit just to admire the huge church and the Black Virgin Mary’s house brought here by Templars or, according to a legend, directly by angels.

loreto italy sanctuary



What about Pesaro, Macerata and Ascoli provinces?! Stay connected for more suggestions on rainy-days itineraries!

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