25 Feb Tic Toc…why a dragon on a clock?! – How to read an astronomic clock tower

picus-post-icon-towns Is called The Tower of Time, and Macerata’s clock tower actually comes from other times.


I love clock towers, because doesn’t matter how old-fashioned they could be, you can always rely on their precise face which survived lots of different glances and measured one city’s most important hours.  Fascinating enough to take your nose up to check the hour or stand and stare for a while the 3 Magis walking in circle around the Virgin Mary and little Jesus.

That’s why is amazing that this piece of history made by Ranieri Brothers is back at its place after 133 years.


It’s like time really stopped for this clock! All the details are back at their place (even though not all of them are original, because some parts have been restored). The wooden carousel with 3 Magis following the Angel plays at 12 am and 6 pm reminding population of centuries when not just hours but also faith used to scan days’ rhytms.

A (funny!) tiny bird called Cesare scan with its beak the passing of the hours…But the clock is made to measure time in more than just the traditional way! That’s why we have planets’ , the zodiac and even..a dragon!

astronomic clock tower dragon

Of course not a real one! Is a round mechanism with a “head” and a “tale” showing all differents knots of moon’s orbit. When sun and moon are aligned on the knots, an eclipse coould happen!

astronomic clock macerata

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