25 Feb The fairies path

picus-post-icon-legendsOn one side of Vettore mountain there is a distinctive pebbly cross strip known as “the fairies path”.


Illustration from Eiko Ojala, Vertical landscape http://www.ploom.tv/illustration/vertical-landscape/

A long time ago, the magical Sibilla enchantress was living in hidden caverns on the peaks of Sibillini range. An inaccesible  shelter to humans, surrounded by snow and woods.

She had magical fairies at her service, whose bodies was turned by the enchantres’ jealuosy in half sheeps.

Nobody knows of their existance, and they were keeping the secret, scared that humans could come and steal their magic. One dark night, with no moon and not even a little star in the sky, intrigued from a joyful music coming from Pretare village, they decided to climb down the mountain, protected by the darkness. As shadows they enter the tiny alleys, following music and laughs, curious to see the people living at the slopes of the mountain.

The village was celebrating the end of winter and everywhere people were dancing around the bonfire. Amused by the cheerful rithm, mixing up with the crowd, the fairies start to dance too till dawn comes.

When the first ray of sunlight arises from the peaks, for the little fairies  it was already too late to escape without been noticed! Trying not to be surprised by the people, they run up the mountain so fast that left their footsteps behind creating a path till their shelter.

Nobody has never seen a fairy in Pretare from that night, except, in some dark nights, when the village is celebrating around the bonfire, someone swear you could see some shadows in obscure corners.

Even today hiking through the pebbly cross strip, if you are lucky, maybe you can find the misterious fairies’ shelter!


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