17 Apr The colors’ wizard and his Cocce! – Tales from other times in Appignano

In a far, far away place (more far in time than in space actually!), in a little brickstones village, sleeping among green low hills, there is a wizard. That is, at least, what he seems to me, and what I believe he is!

He has golden hands, that, when touching poor clay, change it in beautiful works of art, just adding passion and colors. The wizard of clay!


He was the last wizard left in the village that once was the kingdom of this precious, tiny objects: plates, glasses, vases better known as “Cocce”. People came from the whole kingdome to get their colorful “Cocce” and to  bring the beautiful wizards’ magic to their houses. As this ceramics has the power to bring color in peoples’ life thanks to the love and patience the wizards used making each piece!


Every piece different from one another, every piece unique and with its own beauty and imperfections.

Through the years, the village almost lost all his wizards, as no one wants to learn how to make the magic anymore.

To learn ceramics’ magic needs time, and the world today goes too fast sometimes for a wizard’s life.

But there is still one there. I saw him! Creating in front of his lathe or cooking clay creations in the big owen.


If you pass through the village of Appignano, stop at the “Testa” ceramic  laboratory, and if you are lucky, through the window you will see ceramics’  hand creation from poor clay.

For sure it will bring happiness into your day. The kind of happiness only beautiful things could give.

The kind of magic only old stories from an almost lost past could evoke.


And if you think there could be space for this kind of magic in your life…the “Mastri Vasai” school in Appignano is open and make courses of ceramic manufacturing every year!


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