12 Mar St Patrick’s Day in San Germano … drinking beer of course!

picus-post-icon-eat-drinkThere is a festival we really really adore and we would like to borrow from a beautiful green country: Ireland! As it’s almost St Patrick’s Day we are getting ready to celebrate it properly! And “Properly” means of course with a huge tankard of beer :)

Our Irish friends are beer masters of long experience (there’s no match!), but we think they will forgive us if along with a Guinness stein this year we drink also an agricultural beer born at the shadow of green Monte Conero (in the end, nobody better than the Irish understand patriotism!).


And how could be possibly called a brewery located in the village of San Germano (Camerano, AN) if not SAN GERMANO 18?

beer factory italy camerano

The brewer, started for fun, driven by passion and willing to create an authentic product made with at least 51% ingredients produced by himself: that’s why San Germano 18 is an “agricultural beer” and not a simple artisan one! The plus is that the malt is cultivated here, in a field in front of the brewery, breathing the marine breeze and turning golden under Le Marche sun.

camerano le marche italy

It really is fascinating for beer lovers and even newbies to see the brewery at work: I never realized the job of research and patience there could be behind my beer mug!

In the end what does it take? Grow the malt, toast it, find the right hops to preserve a certain  bitter, crush malt with water to obtain mustfilter a first time, boil it, then second filtering to remove impurities, add yeast for the sparkling effect, last filtering to avoid yeast’s leftovers, bottle up,put the stoppers, now wait 2 months to let the beer referment in the bottle…breathe and finally taste it!

brewery agricultural beer camerano italy

Bur here the funniest part (besides drinking!), are the stories each beer has to tell!


What a pre-roman goddess, procuress of freshwater springs, has to do with beer? Nothing if not considering that water is the main ingredient of all beers! “La Giana” is part of the tradition of this area and almost each village has a spring dedicated to her. Camerano is no exception!

agricultural beer camerano san germano


Hoopoe (Upupa) is a beer full of mystic reminders to past centuries: the Druids used to ferment their beverages with honey to see the future (and with that high alcohol strengh they surely succeeded!). The Hoopoe, as the Celts, always wanders into the woods looking for food while the Druids were always seeking natural ingredients for their potions. Hoopoe is also the name of the farm who gives to San Germano 18 the honey for this recipe…so there was no better name for this blonde!

sangermano18 camerano le marche beer


Who’s afraid of bogeyman? Known by Camerano’s kids as Bubò?! In traditional legends it represents darkness and man’s fears…so, there is no better way to dispel them than a mug of beer! Guinness addicted will love this dark stout with strong scents of coffee and liquorice.

Of course this is just a small taste (anyway is still 10 am!)…but you should try all 9 tipes before choosing! And if you want to know more stories we are here to help your curiosity.

sangermano18 tipical italian beer

Round of drinks for all & happy St Patrick’s Day!

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