05 Dec Silent night, Holy night!

picus-cat-01The making of Italian “Presepe” (Nativity) is one of my “must”when talking about Xmas rituals. I would say is at the top of my “to do”festivity list because there is nothing funnier than spending time with family trying to make the little shepherds stand up or keeping the dog away from the tiny sheeps, or better…putting little Jesus on the trough after Christmas Eve’s Mass.

But better than make my own Presepe, is going to see the Living Nativities known in Italy as “Presepi Viventi”, where lots of people, in cold festivity days, dress up as shepherds, smiths, farmers, to represent Jesus’ birth in tiny alleys of medieval villages, cellars or stables. Is something magical, because the passion these peolple put in their characters and in the whole representation of the Sacred Family make Christmas seem more real and more near too!


GENGA 26 & 27 december 2015

A “living Nativity” in a real, huge, fascinating cave! (The one hosting the amazing Valadier temple!). An easy path on a mountain with shepherds’ huts on the way! Funny plus so memorable!

ACQUASANTA 6 December to 6 January 2016

A little medieval town which could be a Presepe itself hosts this exibition of artistic and artisan nativities located in the towns’ old stables and cellars. Enjoy the fairy-tale walk across tiny alleys accompanied by Christmas songs!


Another medieval town…another amazing “living Natvity” inside its high walls. Old professions, animals (I swear I saw 3 camels last year!) and great food to keep you warm!


Traditional, with that smell of fire and “vin brulè” oin the air! Enough to tune every soul on real, traditional Xmas spirit!

CANDIA 26 & 27 December 2015 ; 3& 6 January 2016

If you are near Ancona this is a traditional Presepe Vivente that definitely deserves a visit! Great food prepared by the sheperds and more than 200 characters!

ELCITO (San Severino Marche)

You need to go up San Vicino mountain to see this almost abandoned tiny village relive again on Xmas festivities! the stone houses are the perfect frame for one of my favourite Presepe Vivente.

URBINO 5 to 8 December 2015

A Renaissance town could only create … a Renaissance Living Nativity! Pretty unique and so fascinating! And do not miss all the other events inside “Duca D’inverno” festival.

PRECICCHIE 26 December 2015; 1 & 6 January 2016

A Castle…a Living Nativity! Do I have to say more? Or are you already on your way?!


I love the little medieval village of Caldarola! And even more in Xmas period when Living Nativity took place in little town of Pievefavera.

MONDOLFO 26 & 27 December 2015; 6 January 2016

Last but not least, the living Nativity of Mondolfo, that gets involved all inhabitants of this old little village!

So…the list is pretty long! Choose your favorite Presepe to see and if you want suggest us some more! We will be happy to go and see them too!


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