05 Nov Offida – Home of tombolo’s fairies

Real magic is rare stuff in our fast lives. Mine first. It needs time and passion and sacrifice.

Have you ever read of good fairies?! We should all have a distant picture of them in our childhood memories. But follow us if you are not a believer and take some time to be that kid again!

A kind of special fairies survived time and imagination in little town of Offida, Marche region: walking through narrow alleys you will find yourself squinting through semi-open doors at white old grannies intent on weaving while cheerfully chatting with each other  from one door to another.


offida merletto lace tombolo

Do not let yourself cheated by their look, as fairies knows how to not get noticed. Give to these lively grannies pins, threads and a pair of round glasses and they will do the magic!

Just in front of your eyes a powerful mixture of tradition, passion and old crafting secrets will bring to life the precious Tombolo lace of Offida.

Well, maybe add also a proper round cuscion (as this potion do not need a hot pot!) and some inevitable spindles to flow at unbelivable high speed through their fingers. Final bind is impossible and magnificent. A proper  gift of a fairy godmother to a princess ready for the ball! And as all good faries worthy of their name, they are always ready to teach young girls tombolo secrets. All you need is passion, dedication and a good dose of precision, as for some kind of magic, sparkling wands are not necessary.

Their work is what makes this medieval brick town so special.

offida santa maria della rocca central italy church

santa maria della rocca offida marche

A unique and magical place in the heart of Italy where also getting lost is a good idea: tiny alleys, a jewel piazza with a theatre, and the path to Santa Maria della Rocca, a majestic church on top of a cliff with green vineyards all over. A jewel set on blue sky and green hills.

Take your time also for a ride to other villages that sourrounds this area. Tiny, silent, every one with its wall, castle and churches. Is a pleasure to drive in this infinite set of green hills and vineyards. Give it a try!

offida central italy marche unknown village

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