26 May My personal Kapadocja – postcards from Sibillini “Lame Rosse”

picus-post-icon-wildlifeHave you ever been in Kapadocja? I haven’t (…yet!). But from photos of this unique land, I clearly imagine it quite similar to a place a lot-more-near me but unique as well in its own way. This place gave name to a path through Sibillini natural park called “Lame Rosse” (“Red Blades”). No need of a big imagination to understand why this red and consumed cliffs earned such a name!

lame rosse path map fiastra

Among green woods, walking approximately for an hour from Fiastra lake, here they are…

fiastra lame rosse path

….eroded  for million years (and still are!), the red peaks could perfectly fit one of Gaudi’s architectures.

lame rosse fiastra le marche

Surrealist rounded shapes (as muffins’ creamy tops :) ) and deep narrow clefts to explore. The red cliffs has a millionaire story to tell to curious wanderers, whispered in this place’s silence and with your nose up, you actually ask yourself how is possible that a so fragile landscape (at least at the sight!) is still here instead of totally crumble under the wind.


This tiny canion as been compared in its creation’s process to American Grand Canyon: the second is undoubtedly far way more big and spectacular, but let’s say this Le Marche corner looks just like its miniature. The easy path into shady woods make Lame Rosse a perfect destination for not-so-expert excursionists’ day trips…which is exactly our case!

sibillini lame rosse le marche

If you are on vacation in Le Marche, but you suddenly have a craving for Kappadocjan dreamy landscapes, take your trekking shoes (and you will need them on this pebbly ground!) straight into Lame Rosse path…and send us a thank you postcard!

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