roasted courgette flowers

08 Apr Mamma fry me some courgette flowers!

picus-post-icon-eat-drink “Mamma friggimi i fiori di zucca!”

This is absolutely the most asked request when courgette flowers’ season starts! At least…at my house!

But every Italian “mamma” would tell you she don’t like to fry as it means to wash all house’s curtains for the smell! And because…fried food “is not good for you”!

But a life with no courgette flowers is not even an option! So my “nonna” (my granny!) find her own solution: roasted courgette flowers! Ok. Maybe is not the same as fried ones (that once in a while are a must!)…but to me they definitely deserve a try! They are almost as tasty and even better: they do not get that oiled-flavor, you just taste the vegetable crispy and light!

courgette flowers recipe


Ingredients: ourgette flowers, 1 egg, bread crumbs, salt, pepper, olive oil


Heat the owen at 180°. In the meanwhile wash the courgette flowers. Now beat one egg on a plate with a fork. Pass the courgette flowers at first through the  beaten egg and then through bread crumbs. Now a pinch if salt and pepper,  a sprinkle of olive oil (that will make it crispier!) and now…everything in the owen for 20 minutes (till they become golden!).

vegetarian veggie courgette flower recipe

Happy mamma and happy kids too!


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