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03 Oct Fall & other stories

A new season. A new beginning.

A new school-year at Liceum, even though for me school is over since too many years!

Too many things to do, to try, to schedule with the first rain and the first chai latte held with both hands under a blanket with the dog jumping everywhere spreading mud on the floor.

Not that I even care! Autumn with foggy morning, mud on plastic Hunter boots and seasonal wardrobe change makes me so happy and smiley. More than any other season.

Here a couple really-fall-things to try:

  1. Walk into the fog early at morning, through high wet grass with dog or friend (best both!)
    riserva del monte canfaito autunno
  2. Make seasonal smelly bags for wardrobe change. Here’s a nice try:
  3. Make my personal super easy chai tea latte (the way I think it’s done, cause I hate these chai flavours and I love it easy and natural): just take a cinnamon, orange and cloves infusion. Make the infusion in boiled water then fill half a mug with the infusion and the other half with warm milk. Add cinnamon powder and ginger for extra spicy taste if you like it!
  4. Cook sughetti with my grandma and my sister as in this recipe. We tried for years to put in numebrs and doses her “more or less” recipe to leave the traditional family recipe to next generations. We seemed to succeed last year, but this years’ directions have changed a bit…and I think they will cange again next year and the year after and after…
  5. Make a pumpkins’ stock to last all year long!autumn pumpkins storage
  6. Find out autumn perfect soundtrack
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