11 Jul Beach Unexpected! – Fisherman’s caves of Passetto

Who said cities are empty in summer?!

If you live in a city on the sea – in my case is Adriatic Sea and the city is Ancona – staying at home during the hottest period of the year could be relaxing and low-cost vacation itself!

Less people in the streets and more time to wander and discover undisclosed corner…or beaches!

I wanna bring you with me on a sweltering and sleepy July morning to a unique urban beach. Because a city near the shore usually has infinite beaches, an andless sand strips, while Ancona has just this amazing one! It is a well kept secret, as to reach Passetto beach you have to make all stairs down the cliff in front of the namesake Passetto monument.

From this white Mussolini memorial, take the white stairs in front of a shimmering sea.

passetto beach in Ancona Marche beach italian unknown beaches

The view is breathtaking and the shiny waves makes you blind without sunglasses! Seeing all those ships offshore wearing your straw hat gives you that ’50s diva feeling!

This picturesque fishermans’ refuge with its colorful doors, ships, fishing vessels, sailing boats of all kinds and measures has only two beach resorts. But walking in front of the cots made inside natural caves, you can find a place on the shore where ever you want!

The humanity you will find is just so colorful and…Italian!

passetto beach le marche italian city beaches

Water is low because of the bay made by offshore cliffs, but from some points you could immerge directly in deep water jumping from the rocks.central italy marche beach passetto italian unknown beaches ancona beach

The extreme point of the beach is a big rock called “Seggiola del Papa” (The Pope’s Chair).

But the thing I like most is to walk peeking inside fishermans’ little houses and to smell first scents of lunches! No problem if they will make you hungry! There are plenty of tiny restaurants near this area and also one or two little bars on the shore itself! Greetings from Passetto beach!

passetto ancona beach italian unknown beach marche and central italy

  • alys blakeway
    Posted at 18:48h, 14 July Reply

    Believe it or not, I have never visited the Passetto! You make it sound so enticing, but isn’t it very crowded in August? Wasn’t there a problem some time ago when a machine was driven down the steps instead of being lifted down by crane?

    • admin
      Posted at 15:53h, 25 July Reply

      Hi Alys! Yes could be crowded in August, especially if you go on weekends! Is better to explore during the week! Or even at sunset: the view sitting on the rocks is amazing! About that car…do you believe that I never heard about it! I must have missed the news! I am sure car are not allowed as you can reach the beach just using stairs or the elevator …but is just for men! Maybe some crazy one did it with a car!

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