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11 Jan A taste of winter: Castagnaccio, the chestnuts’ cake recipe

picus-post-icon-eat-drinkA chestnuts’ cake I simply adore. Is a walk in a brown wood, a foggy morning cuddle, a cold Sunday promise.

Winter essence at every bite to be accompanied with wool socks and a fire.

I like it a little bit wet. But adding more flour you can make it drier than this recipe.

What’s inside?

200 gr chestnuts’ flour, 260 ml milk, 200 gr cream cheese, 60 gr sugar, 60 gr chocolate’s drops, walnuts, pine nuts, raisins.

Walnuts are M A N D A T O R Y.

Make it work!

Gently mix cream cheese and sugar in a bowl, working them slowly, making a creamy mixture. Add flour and drizzle in the milk keeping mixing with a whisk. Pour the mixture in a greased mould of 20-24 cm of diameter. Level it then add chocolate’s drops, walnuts, pine nuts and raisins as you like.

Some people serve Castagnaccio with a rosemary branch on top: its scent exalts the chestnuts’ ones more. It’s lovely.

My favourite is however covered with fondant chocolate ganache. I know. Just if you feel very decadent…Give it a try!

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